Collaborating with Dylan Bonneville using a video clip he made during the Summer and a font I designed for a class. We decided to try and animate typography to the music.

Your Grandad - LTE (Official Music Video)

Made in collaboration with Cameron where he was the director and I was his filmer/editor. Starring Zack Hayward, and Kaylyn Jung. Using the song the band made “LTE” which is pretty much about how people are on their phones all the time. Me and cam would come up with the idea for a date with two people, but their on their phone the whole time with no eye contact. Talking with the band they wanted it to be glitchy cause the video is about technology which I would play around with after effects effect catalog and they requested a sex scene to spice up their video.

Don't Do Drugs 

Using an animation tripod and Dragon Frame a stop motion software I created this stop motion animation.

Using Format