Volvic is a water brand that is usually associated volcanoes, but in the brief I got they wanted an ad that was disassociated with typical branding.

Made in collaboration with Vibeke Silverthorne and Waaylon El as well as starring Sidney Gagne and Sheldon Gordon. We tried to show a narrative of what could happen when your not hydrated enough.Through this narrative we created a scene of two people going on a hike for a date, but soon the male character gets dehydrated and starts
to hallucinate and sees the person he is on a date with as the water bottle. He then wakes up to act on how he is feeling, but to only find out that it was some sort of inception dream like thing going on where the girl is just flicking water at him, he then chugs the water due to his dehydration.

Print Ad

From there I wanted to expand see how this concept would work as a print ad using the same slogan that Vibeke Silverthorne created to keep everything coherent, I added “stay hydrated” in the same font as a tag line to get the audience to remember to drink water or you might get dehydrated enough to hallucinate about water bottles like in our commercial.

Cinema Du Parc

Cinema Du Parc is a theater in Montreal that screens classic films. They hired Les Évadés to create print ads where they only show a part of the iconic movie logo with the slogan “Films this big, need to be seen on the big screen”.

Click here to see original print ads.




Pulp Fiction 



I tried to expand on this idea with commercials of other iconic movie scenes, but cropped to only to see a corner or a small part of the scene and end with the iconic logo poster cropped like in the original posters.

Preroll Commercial

From there I decided to try and create a preroll commercial of the struggle of watching on your phone starring Braeden Patrick, Christina Pasilabban, and Ashley Singh. I tried to create a narrative of all the things that could go wrong watching a movie on your phone with the short one in the back struggling to see and catch up to finally get a good view to then the phone owner getting a phone call.

Web Banner

Then I tried to show this concept through what it would look like as a web banner. The mock up video shows different sizes of web banners where we see a combination of the print ad and the Jaws commercial I made. The idea was that when you scroll your mouse on the banner it would reveal the rest of the clip, but with Cinema Du Parc’s print ad slogan as well as letting you know that if you were willing to click that it would take you to the page where they are selling tickets.

Billboard Print Ad

Expanding on the same concept I tried to reformat the original print ad to see how it would look like as a billboard ad.

The Present. Today

The Present. Today is a company that makes clocks, but not for hours, but for a way to track seasons in 365 days in a year.

Commercial Script

I wrote a script about a tree being interviewed about owning a clock and he goes on a rant about his hair (leaves).
The pine tree across the street notices the attention and starts laughing about his hair. Feeling offended the tree tries make a joke about how pine tree don’t get enough photosynthesis and they end up going back and forth arguing on camera.

Web Banner 1

In Situation

Web Banner 2

In Situation

From there I then created two web banners keeping the style they have on there website, but adding a headline at the start, followed by their logo, then their slogan, and if they cach the end i included a promo for free shipping.

I then tried to create a mock up FAQ response form for their website. Keeping with their seasonal nature thing they got going on, i thought it would create more attention if owners were able to respond about their clock and have a tree planted for their response.

Billboard Print Ad

From there I tried to make a billboard out of home print ad which consisted of a fusion of the taglines i made for the web banners, a close up of the clock which would serve as the background and the blue box logo they use as their logo to make everything mesh together.

Your Grandad

I’ve been working with the Toronto band Your Grandad which is a three piece band.


From left to right: William O'Neill, Cameron Kirk, Max Scheffel


Made in collaboration with their lead singer/bassist Cameron Kirk. Cam would start playing around with charcoal on paper and on a seprate paper he would cut out “Your Granddad”. We would find a nice contrasting placement and scan it onto my laptop. From there we played around on photoshop with colours untill we found three different colour schemes that we were happy with and then sent it out for printing.

Music Video

Made in collaboration with Cameron where he was the director and I was his filmer/editor. Starring Zack Hayward, and Kaylyn Jung. Using the song the band made “LTE” which is pretty much about how people are on their phones all the time. Me and cam would come up with the idea for a date with two people, but their on their phone the whole time with no eye contact. Talking with the band they wanted it to be glitchy cause the video is about technology which I would play around with after effects effect catalog and they requested a sex scene to spice up their video.

Made in collaboration with Cam, and Will with drawings by Emmett J. O'Neill. I tried to help them organize their thoughts of what Stunts would look like since all the songs are kind of different genre having influence prog, punk, grunge, indie and psychedelic rock we thought a good way to fuse there inspiration would be though cartoons.

To listen:


Apple Music


Lyric Book Side

Poster Side

Working with Will and Cam, Will thought it would be a good idea to create a lyric book/poster and have the credits in it. It would be included  with the physical copy casset tapes as a added bonus.

Bootleg Tapes

With their release date coming soon Cam wasn’t sure if he was he was going to place an order to dupe cassette tapes that it was going to have enough time to make his order complete in time. So we decided to do a limited edition DIY tapes for the party. Cam Duped the tapes himself and to the people that actually listened to it would find a one of a kind sample at the end of side b since there was about 5 mins of extra time. We bought different coloured tapes aa well as paper to experiment what the cassette and album art could look like and we printed everything ourselves.

Social Instagram Art Promo

In Situation 

Social Facebook Art Promo

In Situation

Social Media Album Art Promos 

Working with Will we decided to try and update their social media with promos of their album, the first one we worked on was on Instagram. Me and Will both decided that it would be most effective to just show the line waves since the profile icon is pretty small.

The next promo art me and Will worked on was for their Facebook page. After playing around with the stroke weight of the letters. We thought this would be good as their Facebook profile pic.

To View:



Streaming Album Art

After reworking the cassette format to the size for streaming websites, Will would forward an email to me pretty much saying we couldn't have references to the physical album (no side A/B).

After reworking and coming up with a couple different ideas what would replace Side A/B for streaming websites. Cam would come up with the idea to use the wav forms of side A/B.

CLASS Presents Board With A Nail In It

CLASS an art collective that I’m in, had a party showcasing some of their individual and collaborative art, for this party I decided to try and make them some promo commercials.

The first promo commercial featuring CLASS members Dylan Bonneville, and Emmett J. O'Neill putting the iconic board with a nail in that was presented at the party as well as the logo we collectively came with together for the event.

The second one right features CLASS members Cameron Kirk, and Zack Hayward. Zack plays a character that he has done for stand up and other videos named Truvius who is unable to see due to a seeing condition where he is born with a hat over his eyes in this Commercial he talks about the party and CLASS as well as ends with the logo.

CLASS Presents D.E.A.R. TIME w/Dirt Green & Friends

CLASS was having a party, but this time not a house party. They were having their first legit event at the Baby G. What was supposed to be Dirt Green 2nd EP release would now be halted due to their lead singer moving to Mexico. I was previously working on a music video for them, but with their lead singer in Mexico and not sure of the fate of the band, they told me to put it on hold until they knew what was happening with him.

Music Video/Digital Painting 

What I did do for them and a promo for the event was create for them a digital painting/music video from the footage I had. With Cam telling me that it was possibly their last show as Dirt Green because they weren’t sure if their lead singer would ever be back and announcing that they would be changing their name to Your Grandad continuing to make music as a 3 piece; Cam would give me the okay as well as how the digital painting format seemed to fit CLASS’s aesthetics for a promo.

Duke’s Mayonnaise

Radio commercial

Made in collaboration with Parker GN and all voiced by Eric Steele. We tried to create an ad playing on the Sponge Bob joke that Mayonnaise isn’t a instrument, but with the twist that a band actually found the sound of mayonnaise being spread appealing after a band mate left the band.

Billboard print ad

From there I wanted to expand see how this concept would work as a print ad using the same slogan we used at the end of the radio ad.

Using Format