Mind Millennium Puzzle Scrolls

Version 1 - Copper line etch with drypoint and soft ground sponge texture

Version 2 - Copper aquatint with rosin chunks in selected areas, mezzotinted areas, scraped and burnished areas

Version 3 - Copper sugar Lift

Version 4 - Coloured 

Cutting a copper plate into 3 triangles I would try and create a pyramid print about going deeper into my mind psyche.

Chicken In Time

Copper line etch 

Copper aquatint with rosin chucks and burnished in selected areas

In this piece I was trying to use the theme of time trying to create a narrative about a time traveling chicken trying to figure out what came first the chicken or the egg.

Remnants Of The Blueprints Of Time 


As a limited edition print set I tried to do my original idea of creating a blueprint. They were sold at CLASS Presents The Redeemable Screwball Revue


Kids Smoke Bouges 

Litho Crayon 

In this piece I was trying to talk about cigarettes how it can be seen in different perspectives as an angel or a demon depending on how you look at it for the health problems it causes or the sleepless nights you overcome to create great things.

Mind Pyramid 

Estisol half tone transfer with separate magic black layers painted on

In this piece I was trying to covey what's in my mind transferring to my vision when I'm doodling. 


The Dirty Shore 

Linoleum relief carve

In this piece I was trying to talk about the lake I grew up around and how I warned not to go in it. Expanding on that theme I was trying to exaggerate how dirty this lake was.

Arizona Green Tea Is The Spaghetti O's of Green Tea

Woodblock relief carve

Using references from the product design of Arizona Green tea I would replace the cherry blossoms with Spaghetti O's trying to convey how cheap it is compared to real green tea products.


Linoleum reduction 

In this piece I was trying to talk about my doodles and how sometimes I'm usually the only one who can see the colours of what I'm drawing. Using this theme I thought it would be fitting to use this Godzilla like monster that pops up a lot in different forms. 

Screen Printing 

Hells Beer Pong Fuck Lords (HBPFL): The Summoning Of The Forbiden Celebrity Guest

Based around a beer pong team me and three others are in. I thought it would be a cool idea to create a narrative around it.


Your $500 Box Logo Smells Like Shit 

In this piece I was trying to talk about Supreme and Barbara Kruger dispute, but also how skate culture changed from when I was growing up. Now that skate brands do limited runs, people are able to resell clothing and make more money than what they paid for. The down side of this is this is that people are more scared to skate and get their clothing dirty.

McSellout V2

Using the McSellout photo and inspired around Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe. I tried to give my photo a colourful new twist as a print.

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