Revenge Of Doodlezilla

Using 4 of the relief reduction "Doodlezilla" prints, I decided to try and see what it would look if I animated on top with a projector.

I Tripped A Lot Out Here In The Woods (3 Screen Movie)

Starring Zack Hayward and Holly Motz what I trying to do here was create a piece about perspective by using 3 screens and basing it around the song by MF DOOM Poo Putt Platter trying to create shuffled playlist featuring some of Between Friends by Flying Lotus featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Captain Murphy and going into Jefferson Airplane's White rabbit as you go deeper into the video.

Digital Paintings


CLASS was having a party, but this time not a house party. CLASS Presents D.E.A.R. TIME w/Dirt Green & Friends would be their first legit event at the Baby G. What was supposed to be Dirt Green 2nd EP release would now be halted due to their lead singer moving to Mexico. I was previously working on a music video for them, but with their lead singer in Mexico and not sure of the fate of the band, they told me to put it on hold until they knew what was happening with him. What I did do for them and a promo for the event was create for them a digital painting/music video from the footage I had. With Cam telling me that it was possibly their last show as Dirt Green because they weren’t sure if their lead singer would ever be back and announcing that they would be changing their name to Your Grandad continuing to make music as a 3 piece; Cam would give me the okay as well as how the digital painting format seemed to fit CLASS’s aesthetics for a promo.


Using an inside joke me and Dylan Bonneville came up with when making and unreleased CLASS 30min video featuring clips from Andre and Dylan . I tried to create a digital painting about this joke. The joke was about how Emmett J. O'Neill would be talking about mice in a dating video gag we made, but we would edit in Andre's dead rats in right after

Pac Man's Ghosts Boo's at You

Made in collaboration with Declan David, I would code and 3D model his idea into codepen to create an augmented reality (AR) when you use the hiro marker to your left. The marker works on some phones, but works better when printed out. 

Click here to check it out

A Glitch In Paradise

In this piece I would glitch photos of a beach and floral patterns using text edit to play around with the code. From there I would make it into a gif. using photoshop.

Hells Beer Pong Fuck Lords (HBPFL): The Summoning Of The Forbiden Celebrity Guest (The Scene)

As one of first screen prints which I would experimenting with different materials I decided to make it into a  digital piece to look back on. I would animate all my prints in to make a eerie scene of the forbidden celebrity guest shot.

Occult gif. Set

Fusing two themes I like to play around with. The occult/conspiracy theories  and pop culture cartoons I would create an interesting .gif set.

Walking Away From The Mushroom Kingdom

Original photoshop image 


gif. Animation

In this piece I started off fusing five images from the internet and then playing around with the images in photoshop. I wanted to recreate this piece in different formats, so I would recreate it as a painting and a gif animation.

The Campfire Song Song

Around the Time of Stephen Hillenburg death; the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants. As one of my biggest influences to my style of art, I tried to commemorate one of his songs on the show that me and my friends would sing over the summers in a digital painting I made. Getting a 3D printed flame I drew and edited in Cinema 4D and glueing it to a canvas. From there I would prime it with white spray paint and then paint on it.  

Laser Nature Tests

Using the rapid prototype room, I tried to create long exposure photo relief print tests. Notice how their is two of each photo in the print and that is because I wanted to experiment with half tone to just negative/positive would look.

Click here to see more photos from that day

Laser Lights Toronto

Using the Rapid prototype room at OCADU and a long exposure photo I took of the Toronto skyline. I would laser etch wood to create photo relief prints of the long exposure Toronto skyline.

More photos from that day can be found here

Using Format